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Favorites of the Month ... March 2014Favorites of March in no particular order:

Ode to The Good Listener by TeaPhotography GTA by Size-And-Stupidity
Fragmentation by JoeTeanby kalopsia by melannc Feeling Fungi by Lilleninja OPTIMUS by Capocyan-Arvin
Otter1 by brijome Bengal Tiger...:) by ErkanKalenderli Eurasian Nuthatch close portrait by WojciechGrzyb Spaaaaaaaaace by Size-And-Stupidity
Ruckus - coloured by JoeTeanby Uprising by 11thDimensionPhoto Tshirt Cityfear Re2 by reeves83 Agnes Oblige - Makeup and Wig Test by Shanaja
Tiny Explorer by Unkopierbar A Walk on the Edge by molecularart ISS Expedition Coming Home by markkarvon TF MTMTE 27 pages 4-5 spread lineart by markerguru
smart cat by ledaryuga Broadside Commission by brendancahill The Eyes by ZoranPhoto Walking on Stilts by CanadianRy
last breath by mialepson Glove by Size-And-Stupidity Down by the river by anjamagkekse Elvis Guitar by donchild
Mushroom by SpaceDog500 Tiny Trio by kayaksailor TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS:Optimus Prime by manbu1977 Slug on a Mushroom by drewb-photography
Idas World by EsthervanHulsen Prowling Wolf by markkarvon Cat in mushroom hunting by mladenigor Prediction by Size-And-Stupidity
TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS:BREAK DOWN by manbu1977 TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS:THRUST by manbu1977 TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS: DIRGE by manbu1977 Grayscale Formal Attire by MisstessMassacre
Wonder Woman by DLimaArt Art for Pion Rex - SoD version by Tf-SeedsOfDeception windblade by twotenjack11 The Hidden Rainbow by OlivierAccart
Mecannibals by JoeTeanby

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December 1, 2013
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Secluded in the Woods by JindrichLisy

An Existential Confrontation by Patrick-Kramer

On my Own by DorotejaC

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DorotejaC Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you ;)
Clu-art Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
pleasure :)
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