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Favorites of the Month ... July 2014Favorites of July 2014 in no particular order:

Battlechargers Commission by brendancahill
Optimus Prime by Whelljeck Soundwave and Shockwave - coloured version by Whelljeck Complete PDF comic - Seeds Of Deception - Ratbat by Tf-SeedsOfDeception Request from Clu-art- Grimbart the badger by Rainbow-lemongrass
Holy by Size-And-Stupidity Liza by lizakb Are you sure that is a butterfly? by kosharik69 Lady In The Night by markkarvon
Optimus Prime GeeWun by Whelljeck Your move - Optimus by emanz the brightest star by hosanna9 Mozart II. by thephotogrumbler
Hungry by Size-And-Stupidity Double Barrel by jbrum The Spirit Path by darkallegiance666 The Fourth Kind by Size-And-Stupidity
Soundwave Telecoms Room LINEART by neurowing MMM... Shiny Robots by JoeTeanby Wrath of the Ages 5 - Cover :inks: by drugTito Rodimus Jazz And Tc Colors Done Low Res by BDixonarts
Barkz by Size-And-Stupidity TF MTMTE 28 cover by markerguru TF MTMTE 31 cover by markerguru TF MTMTE 32 cover by markerguru
Superman Gary Frank Inks by donchild TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS Silverstreak by manbu1977 TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS Cliffjump by manbu1977 TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS Gears by manbu1977
TF MTMTE 33 cover by markerguru MTMTE 30 cover by dcjosh MTMTE 34 cover by dcjosh World Class Beauty by TeaPhotography
Old-school Optimus Prime by Soulman-Inc Grimlock - dinosaur mode by JoeTeanby Female Red winged blackbird - ruffled by JestePhotography Kotonoha Katsura - CosDay Frankfurt by Shanaja
Mushrooms and Junebug by KenanGSwaim SEEK VICTORY by wordmongerer Tabineko Cosplay by K-A-N-A Bamboo by rchaem
Favorites of the Month ... May 2014Favorites of May in no particular order:

Dear Mum by Size-And-Stupidity Perch by ObsidianSerpent
Raven by DLimaArt Nautilator by JoeTeanby Optimus Colors Low Res by BDixonarts Bastet by LoneOld
Morning stroll by Hyperborean1987 TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS roadbuster by manbu1977 TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS Rack n Ruin by manbu1977 TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS Twin Twist by manbu1977 TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS Impactor by manbu1977 THE PUNISHER by LouieDeMartinisART do you believe in mythical creatures? by NanaKuronoma
Little Ringed Plover by RichardConstantinoff Like the stars by ZoranPhoto Petit Prince Himalaya by darkcalypso Harley Quinn by MarikZero
Natural Wire by druteika Relax! by whiteeyedhusky No ladder in sight by Size-And-Stupidity We are family! by dragonfly-oli
In Plain Sight by Rivendora What now Hotrod? by emanz Here I Come to Save the Day by TeaPhotography Lilac Butterfly by DamaInNero
Shining! by FrancescaDelfino Flying nut with Hatch by plumita1 day is raising i have to stop dreaming :( by ateist-kleranty Falling light by Love-is-oxygen
TransMissions 001 by Tf-SeedsOfDeception Club Muscaria Painting by BCcreativity Life by Anna-Yaina Perceptor Kremzeek colors new 2014 done low re by BDixonarts
Butt by Size-And-Stupidity The Wolverine by donchild Enjoying the view by Danimatie symphony in yellow by Ulliart
The flower girl by AlexandraSophie Tracks (Fun Pub commission) by PiusInk Polaris by DLimaArt Heartist by Nameda
Flowering of lilac by Zaratra Hail the King by Size-And-Stupidity

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Favorites of April in no particular oder:

AfterDeath - Pipeworld by JoeTeanby Sundowners Phantom by markkarvon Flower cat by Tiefenschaerfe Jean Grey by DLimaArt

Polaris by DLimaArt The Christening by dcjosh A little teaser of our next work by Whelljeck Red Queen by DLimaArt

Sweet Tsuki Blue by TeaPhotography Dare to be Beautiful by TeaPhotography Cheaters' Treasures by BongzBerry TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS swindle by manbu1977

Triple Changers Generations by Whelljeck Business Neko by Shanaja Freshness 11.52 by StormChazzy Jean Grey by DLimaArt

TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS Blast Off by manbu1977 TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS runamuck by manbu1977 TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS Motormaster by manbu1977 Legion of the Lost by JoeTeanby

Landfill by JoeTeanby Dancing with Shadows 8567P by Sooper-Deviant Cupcake Dream by Shanaja Metroplex and Prime by MIROSLAV-BLASTER

Remember The Arizona by markkarvon Purse by Size-And-Stupidity Transformers movie Autobot Decepticon battle by grim1978 Maria Hill by DLimaArt

MTMTE 31 cover by dcjosh Trannis - Cover B - Manifest Destiny by Tf-SeedsOfDeception April by CyjanekPotasu Mirage by JoeTeanby

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markkarvon Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for including me in your monthly favorites.
Clu-art Featured By Owner May 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for making amazing art :)
Whelljeck Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Many thanks ;-)
Clu-art Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
pleasure :)
Shanaja Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Awww danke dir mein Lieber! Hab die Bilder heute hochgeladen :D
Clu-art Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Immer wieder gerne :)
Shanaja Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Freut mich zumindestens, dass dir das Cosplay gefällt :D nächste Woche bin ich wieder im Cosplay unterwegs :D und freu mich :3
JoeTeanby Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Some very cool work here.
Thanks very much for including my drawings. :D
Clu-art Featured By Owner May 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're in because of your cool stuff :)
JoeTeanby Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Cheers! :D
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